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Lifestyle Questionnaire
Your name:
Home phone:
Cell Phone:
Email address:

How often do you entertain guests in your home?
Where do your guests typically gather when you entertain?

How many children live with you?
What are their ages?

How many "living" areas do you anticipate needing now and in the future?
How would you describe your closet-space needs and in what rooms do you need closet space other than your bedrooms? (i.e. kitchen pantry, broom closet, linen closets.)

Does anyone living in your home have any special needs or
health requirements?

How many TVs do you anticipate having and where will they be located?

Where would you prefer your computer, printer and other electronic
equipment be located?

Do you do any work from home that might require space consideration?

What hobbies do you enjoy that may require space consideration?

How often and for what purposes do you envision using your patio or deck?

Describe your pets and any needs that should be considered?

Where would you prefer your laundry room be located, and what should be added?
(i.e. soaker sink, countertop space)

Describe your energy efficiency preferences?

What security features would you describe as important to you?

How many vehicles does your family use on a daily basis?

Rank the preferred use of your garage (1-6): Parking Autos
Parking Toys
2nd Refrigerator/Freezer
Other (list):
What accommodations are necessary for recreational vehicles or toys?

Describe your garage/shop/storage needs?

Do you garden, have any outdoor hobbies/activities,
or is a low maintenance yard preferred?

Do you anticipate your home being "multi-generational"?

Describe any important needs to access work, schools, church, shopping,
public transportation or medical services?

What are the five most important features you would like to have in your home (i.e. fireplace, granite countertops)?

Do you need or desire financing?
If yes, what is a comfortable monthly payment? $

Have you talked with a lender?

Do you have a home to sell or a lease commitment?

What day of the week and time of day would be the most convenient for you
to meet with the builder?

Anything else you think might be important for the builder to know?

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